Coaching with Nicky Bartley

Ditch the Goals, Create Miracles

Your Inner Game, Determines Your Outer Game

Thriving Female Leaders

A membership for women to discover a simpler, calmer way of leading life, business and relationships

Coaching for Business

Discover your Inner Leader and create and lead a Purpose driven business you love

Coaching for Relationships

Go from Striving to Thriving and live in the feeling of beautiful relationships with those around you!

A Year of Miracles

Looking to create magic? Your spiritual journey can begin here in our Mastermind

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Is it time to make a change in your life or business, but you can’t seem to find a way?

Transformation is a process, a journey, an exploration and being supported by a Coach can enable you to be guided through that journey with less effort.  In Business, uncovering our own blind spots is not always easy and finding a way to recreate a different experience is not always obvious.  If you are ready to uncover what lies within and experience life, relationships and business differently, with more ease, joy and peace of Mind, I would love to hear from you today

What Is Coaching?

1:1 Conversations

A series of 1:1 conversations between you and I to explore the areas in your life that you would like to change and transform. These can be in person or via video link and will be mutually agreed beforehand during the initial consultation, as will the length and duration of the package

A pointer to your Inner Wisdom

You have within you the ability to make great decisions and to navigate your life, relationships and/or business using your inner compass.  When this isn’t obvious to you, life will feel a struggle and ideas and decisions out of reach.  Coaching re-opens the gateway to your inner guide and provides a safe and confidential environment to question what is next for you and how you would like to grow

Coaching not Counselling

One thing I know for sure is that you are not broke.  You are whole and complete and have simply lost sight of that.  Coaching is a great enabler, a light amongst the darkness and allows you to rediscover who you really are in order that you can fully appreciate life, your relationships and your business.  Having someone in your corner to support this process is life changing

The Divine Creator Within

You were born with the innate capacity to Create.  Yes, you are a born Creator! Rediscover your Creative Power in the security of your sessions and get ready to unleash it into the world.  Tap into your best ideas, your infinite potential and realise for yourself that you have so much to give

How do I know if Coaching is right for me?

No one needs Coaching, it really is a life choice.  Coaching is great for those who realise that there is reason to be hopeful and that transformation is within reach.  Working with a Coach is like holding a mirror up to our blind spots in order that we can self correct more easily.  It is also a process that requires commitment and a willingness to listen to the wisdom within.

It takes courage to look at the areas in our life that aren’t doing so well and it can feel uncomfortable at times.  However, understand that you will be supported throughout the whole process and encouraged to be gentle with yourself, sit in compassion and Grace and allow your light to shine


A Willingness to Explore
If you are willing to explore your inner self and the areas of your life that may be impacted
Patience to Listen
Quantum Leaps aren’t made overnight and it is often the tiniest of insights that lead to the biggest change without you even noticing
Commitment to Show Up
Commitment to showing up and the realisation that this is YOUR process, YOUR transformation and YOUR responsibility to be present
A Desire to see something new
The fact that you are here indicates that you have an awareness that there is something new for you to see.  Stay in the game and allow it to emerge

My Approach

I know that you are whole and complete and I also know that sometimes, you lose sight of that.  Unpicking the misunderstanding that is preventing you from connecting to your true nature, to your innate peace and wellbeing and to your inner creator via a series of deep conversations is my main focus.

My attention is on your Spiritual, Psychological and Emotional Wellbeing and we spend time pointing to that to enable you to flourish and shine. The Principles of Thought, Mind and Consciousness are the key to your every experience and allowing the space for insight to emerge enables you to see that you have everything you need to live a truly happy and successful life

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