Are you ready to thrive, shine and make a greater impact on the world?

Let's make 2020 the year you...

  • Reconnect with your voice and find your true value
  • Make deeper connections
  • Lead the change you want to see in the world

It's time to own your own space in the world

As females, many of us go through life people pleasing, saying yes when we should be saying no (and and no when we should be saying yes!), and failing to recognise where we are compromising and settling for less than we deserve.

This diminishes our impact, our capacity to thrive and our willingness to shine.

And on a practical level, it translates into more dissatisfaction and less money, feeling like there’s never enough time - and never really letting ourselves take a breath, get off the hamster wheel and own our space in the world.

What is Conscious Female Leadership?

Conscious Female Leadership isn’t about thinking more.

It’s about doing and thinking less, and getting more.

Or rather, BEING more.

It’s about learning that your true value doesn’t lie in what you think, and discovering the true meaning of thinking of yourself less - not thinking less of yourself. It’s about making a deeper connection to love. Love for your people, for your environment, for the work you do.

It’s about reconnecting with your voice to carry your work forward.

Here is what you can expect from your journey...

You’ll unearth your REAL values: the ones that you won’t deviate from when the chips are down. (The impact of this alone is life changing.)

As a Thriving Leaders member, you will have access to our unique 'Success Path' to enable you to know where to focus and to allow you to see your changes and improvements. Heres what you can expect as you move through each of the 5 steps

  • Who are you really? - Understanding this more deeply will bring confidence, clarity and more in alignment with your inner values.  Your wellbeing will begin to improve, along with your relationships.  You are no longer driven by your need to change your feelings. You understand innate drivers behind real transformation
  • Quit the compromise - You'll be able to both give and receive more naturally and without concern.  This is where you have an opportunity to improve your wealth, deepen your relationships and start to understand your connection to all things.  You're experiencing less stress and greater physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Defining your vision - This is where you become so much more aware of not only your values, but how you might choose to direct your life, business or career and for what purpose. Influence and impact increase
  • Creative Juices - The realisation that creativity is always available and that life is your playground has a profound effect on all areas of your life and business. New and different areas of interest emerge, fresh ideas and solutions appear and problems resolve and dissolve
  • Free Thinking - Here is where conscious leadership truly emerges and the realisation that leadership isn't a title, isn't a thing, but is a way of being is truly impactful. At this stage you will be experiencing exponential growth across all areas of your life and business, a sense of ease, playfulness and satisfaction

And you’ll build the resilience to have your heart broken, to be challenged, provoked, even hated or ridiculed… but still know that love is untouchable.

You’ll learn to accept, meet and embrace every challenge the Universe throws at you - because you’ll know and understand on a deep level that your challenges are what point you to self reflection and growth.



The Thriving Leader Hub is a community for women who are either already leading change - or who would like to. 

I have creating this space to support the many practical aspects of your learning journey as a leader - and to enable you to connect with others who are on their own leadership journey. You’ll be part of a supportive and challenging community of women who will value your company, your kindness and your friendship. 

When we discover that we are all divinely connected we allow ourselves to bring out all that we are holding back.


I’ve taken huge and scary leaps of faith in the last year that I never would have believed I had the confidence or ability to make

"This last year has been an incredible journey of growth. It’s been a raw, unfiltered experience that has encouraged me to show up as I really am in that moment. I’ve taken huge and scary leaps of faith in this last year (both personally and professionally) that I never would have believed I had the confidence or ability to do. I now have a level of clarity around my business that I’ve been seeking for what feels like forever.

There will never be enough words to express my deep gratitude to Nicky for bringing us all together into this circle of miracles, and for giving me the gift of making sisters for life - thank you, thank you thank you!"

Katie Foster - Chief Creative Adventurer at Destination Freedom

I definitely made the right decision

"I have never done any kind of coaching or anything like the Thriving Leaders Hub, so didn't really know what to expect. I guess in the past I've always been sceptical too. But from the moment I joined in with Nicky's hub I knew I had made the right decision. Being open to others is something I've always struggled with. Being self-conscious is something I've always struggled with & making definitive business decisions hasn't always come easy. But I can honestly say that in a short space of time my mind has felt less cluttered, my decision making has improved dramatically - because I'm not just constantly thinking - I'm doing, and doing more in a positive way. I am so excited for what is coming next on this course and honestly can say 100million per cent I made the right decision here. Thank YOU Nicky"

Sonya Farrell - Director, Babababoon

All I can say is, its the best decision I made, to join ......

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the Leaders Hub at all having never really participating in such a group. I wasn’t even sure it was going to be for me really but at the first meeting I knew instantly I was going to love it.

It is such a safe and warm place and I instantly felt connected with the group. We share and open our hearts knowing that there is no judgement. And it is so relaxing – I could sit listening to Nicky all day 

Nicky is an excellent leader and she has a gift of being able to include you when you want to be but not pressured – watching her work is remarkable. 

It is very subtle though and I find weeks later I can be relating to something Nicky said in a previous meeting without even realising it. My attitude and manner to situations – both work and home life – has changed quite dramatically. I personally feel I still have a way to go but know I will get there with this group. It’s hard for me to effectively put into words why the group is so great because you really do have to experience it – all I can say is its one of the best decisions I have made to join and I look forward to many more good times.

Heather Broadhurst - Director, Now You Know Training

What you'll get when you join The Thriving Leaders Hub:

Monthly Live Call

  • A monthly live masterclass
  • Designed to deepen your understanding of that month’s learning
  • Calls are recorded so that you can listen to them back

Monthly Coaching Circle

  • A chance to be coached and guided
  • Ask questions that are relevant to you and where you are at
  • Listen to others being coached (there is power in hearing others and understanding that we are all in this together)

Guest Speakers

  • Interviews with guest speakers
  • Live classes with experts in various industries
  • Learn about topics that are relevant to your journey

Join us and receive these bonus'

If you join us in June as a founder member, you’ll receive:

Bonus 1
Access to my signature online program, From Striving to Thriving.
Learn the art of stress, what it’s really for and how you can harness this amazing gift to bring you back to calm and ease, deepen your grounding and understand your needs more deeply.
Value: £197

Bonus 2
Access to my masterclass, It’s Not About the Money
Learn how abundant you already are, and uncover your blocks around money and learn how to shift them.
Value: £97

Bonus 3
Access to all of my events, trainings and workshops before they go out to my wider audience.
All members will also receive a 30% discount off everything I release.

Your Investment

The doors to the The Thriving Leaders Hub open on 22 June 2020.

Your investment is £47 paid monthly, or £470 paid annually*.

All founder members joining before the doors close on 30 June will have this special price locked in for the duration of their membership.

And if you choose to join with an annual membership, I am offering 2 months FREE, reducing your overall cost to just £470.

*This community is a subscription model and you can cancel your membership any time

Join now for £47 per month

Join now for £564 £470

I have poured a lifetime of change work, love, dedication and commitment into this. I won’t lie about how nervous I am about it - but it’s been burning a hole in my heart holding this back and so I’m here, doing it, with you.

See you on the other side!

Love Nicky x

The more clearly I know how life works, the more able I am to help my clients see that for themselves. Working with Nicky has led me on that journey.

"It can seem really hard in the beginning to spend any money on yourself, when you’re not making much money. But it is absolutely essential! Everything else should take second place to investing in yourself.

I AM my business. The more clearly I know how life works, the more able I am to help my clients see that for themselves. Working with Nicky has led me on that journey.

Maybe I could have done some of this on my own. But there’s something extra that Nicky has helped with. It’s not just cheerleading and saying “you can do it”. It’s hanging in there with me. When I’m putting obstacles in my own way she’s there with me, allowing me to find out for myself. It’s the inner knowing that this is me creating something."

Lizzie Paish

Meet Nicky Bartley

I'm an Award Winning Transformation Coach and Trainer. I spend my time working with business leaders, collaborating with my clients and supporting them as they wake up to their innate capacity to thrive - and to create the life, business and relationship of their dreams.

I've seen teams come together and create outstanding results. I've seen individuals create for themselves what they believed was impossible: finding love, moving continents, building wealth and thriving businesses built on love and purpose. I have seen parents fall out of stress and anxiety and humans stop wanting to die and start wanting to live again.

Mainly I have seen humans move from striving to thriving.

I don't set goals; I create miracles!