I have recently rebranded after giving it much deliberation.  My business until a few weeks ago, operated under the name of Make Mondays Marvellous! And wow most people loved the name.  I knew this would be the case when I came up with it.  Most people hate Mondays right? And I am a coach who can help them love Mondays!! Fast Forward 9 months…yes only 9 months and that name just didn’t cut it anymore.   In only 9 months my business and myself has become so much more.  I coach all different types of people to realise their goals, their dreams and to enable them to live a life with which they’re content and happy. So it was time to show up in the world and stop hiding behind Make Mondays Marvellous and just be me, after-all, I spend most of my time enabling others to do that very thing.

What’s in a name?

So what exactly is in a name? Absolutely everything, that is what!! Of course business names are still very relevant and can draw a lot of attention to your business but actually, you are the most important aspect.  You are what makes your business extraordinary, amaze balls and quite frankly outstanding.  Your tribe want you!!  Consider this carefully and especially if your business name is not your own, really get visible, be present and show yourself!!

My learning curve

I work with gorgeous and soulful entrepreneurs and individuals on confidence, clarity and taking action! That is my key message and the results are so gorgeous to see.  Having inner confidence is a powerful tool to anyone whether you are in business or not.  Inner confidence not only allows you to find your purpose but it helps to keep you within your purpose.

The real catalyst for my decision to rebrand was a bunch of my gorgeous tribe that I have recently had the great fortune to work with on the ‘Your Bright Shiny Light’ programme.  Each of them are looking to grow their  business but they were hiding.  They have big dreams but they played small.  We started to work together as a group on confidence and clarity and set them small action steps to move towards their goals.  Each week they never fail to astound me with their thoughts, their work, their huge ideas.

I know they think they have changed!! They haven’t! They have unveiled themselves, they’ve shown up in the world and they’re daring to dream! Watching their journey brings me to tears, it swells my heart and I want to hug them all and say to them ‘Damn!! You’re so feckin amazing’!! ‘How the hell didn’t you ever know just how amazing you are’? But the fact is we don’t do we? So many of us never get to realise our own potential and we find ways to self sabotage our dreams and tell ourselves that it isn’t something we can do!! But we can, we all can

Yesterday, my tribe posted a one minute video in our group as part of a challenge set to them. Oh yes they were nervous and of course they felt uncomfortable but wow did they nail it?! Each and every one of them posted amazing videos of just themselves, chatting, smiling and talking at last from their heart, with purpose.  I woke this morning to read some of their comments on their posts and was blown away.  They have realised that actually, video is a great way to leverage their business, to create a passive income or even just to talk to their crowd.  Huge breakthrough!! They have done this, they’ve gradually over the last 5 weeks, stepped into their own skin and shown themselves for all of their glory and they’re now wanting to make more videos and post it all over social media!!

It was working with these gorgeous business leaders that triggered my uncovering, my name change and rebrand.  I am Nicky Bartley and yes part of my purpose is to help others to Make Mondays Marvellous but my biggest and main purpose is to just be me 🙂  After all, as Dr Seuus says “There is no one Youer than You’!!


Nicky x


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