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Areas of Expertise:

Build an Audience and Get Clients

I built my Business solely on Social Media and now teach others how they too can do the same.  My focus is always on connection and showing up from our true nature.  With no formal marketing training, I swapped the word ‘Marketing’ for ‘Loving’ and realised that only insecurity gets in the way.  This might be for you if you are looking to point your audience away from spammy techniques, towards an effortless way of marketing that takes the hard work out of selling.

Overcoming Overthinking

Having a to do list that doesn’t end leads to stress, anxiety and eventually, long term physical illness.  A busy mind is a misunderstanding born out of innocence and not realising that there is less to do in life, work and relationships than we currently believe.  If you are looking to help your audience lighten their mental load and create space for work, life or love, you can let them know that there is less to do than they currently think

Finding Your Purpose

Whilst many organisations are becoming driven by ‘Personal Values’ to create their brand, they’re risking keeping themselves stuck and having to rebrand in the not so distant future.  Not to mention risking devaluing their workforce and stifling flow.  When an organisations starts to shift to recognising and celebrating the Universal Nature of their people, their people start to show up differently and the brand naturally shifts and develops.  If you would like your Workplace, Organisation or Corporation to learn how to become a more open, honest and compassionate place to be whilst also allowing innovation, creativity and fulfilment, these Universal Principles are key

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