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Relationships can feel hard sometimes and when they are not going well, we are left wondering what we are doing wrong

When relationships get tough or break down, our whole world looks different.  Insecurity, stress, sadness and a whole host of self enquiry into what we are doing wrong can set in.  Whether you’re going through a break up, or simply not seeing eye to eye with your loved one, a family member or even a colleague, remember that you are a natural at relationships, you have simply forgotten that

Is this for me?

I feel so Unloveable

You are either going through a Divorce or some sort of break up and this is shaking your world! The chances are, you may not have even seen this coming, whether you are the one who wants the break up, or whether you are the one who is being or has been left, the pain sadness can be overwhelming.  Not to mention the practicalities that you somehow have to deal with.  Will life ever return back to normal? The answer is Yes!

Unable to find Love?

Sick of seeing all of the Happy Couples and wondering when you will find that ‘One’? Surfing dating sites, being fronted with humans that you discover aren’t what they actually claimed, going on endless dates that you just want to end? When those around us appear happy and content with their ‘perfect other half’, its natural to feel jealous and resentful  it is also natural to believe that there is something wrong with you.  There isn’t! You are one connection away from feeling happy, fulfilled and finding love!

Falling out of love and feeling guilty and shameful?

Creating and Leading a Purpose driven Business was your dream but somehow, it seems more like a nightmare at times.  The reasons that you started your business in the first place can feel hazy and out of reach when you’re stressed and running on empty.  Youwould love to reconnect with your Purpose and transform the business into something you love and enjoy

Feeling Frustrated with Friends, Colleagues and Family Members?

Not seeing eye to eye with those humans around us is common, but, you don’t need to suffer as a result of that.  Given that our experience of life is created by the principle of thought, 100% of the time, it would be unrealistic to expect you to have the same thought created experience as another.  Not seeing this is the cause of disharmony as we try to change our own experience and make it more pleasant, often by trying to also change the experience of the other person too.  Our pleasant feelings though, are available underneath the struggle and you can discover that for yourself

Are you a People Pleaser?

If you find yourself saying Yes when you would like to say No or Visa Versa, it’s likely that you have experiencing deep dissatisfaction, frustration, guilt, shame and even blame.  Living life on our own terms seems a distant dream, however, the only One who can give you permission is You! There is an infinite amount of time between being born and death and if you are spending it trying to make other people happy, when are you going to get around to you? Discover your own peace of Mind, happiness and contentment lies within and that you have a lot less to do than you think

If you suspect you might be missing something, you are right!

The ‘Something’ that you are missing out of the mix here is YOU!

What you might not know yet is that your missing ingredient isn’t actually missing, it’s simply buried under all of the stuff that you thought you had to do.  Learning to show up in life as the true version of yourself leaves you free to love wholeheartedly and connect deeply with both yourself and others.

If instead you are ready to:

Rekindle Love and Passion

Discover that you are made from pure Love and that it is your innate state

Create relationships that flourish

Transform relationships with those around you, whether it is a partner, family member, friend or colleague

Be the human that other humans love to be around

Drop the People Pleasing and live life from your heart.  There is nothing more attractive than a force that lives with compassion and understanding and leads others to freedom too

Discover the misunderstanding of Guilt, Shame and Blame

Move into inner security and live life from that space. Guilty, blameful and shameful feelings can dissolve and be replaced by love and understanding for yourself and others when you discover that they are the essence of your true nature

Connect more deeply with yourself and others

Find yourself connecting more deeply and loving more openly and without worry.  New relationships can be created and the need for forgiveness blurs when you realise for yourself that misunderstanding arise from insecurity

Be happy in your own skin

If you have been trying to change for a long time, it’s time that you stopped.  Trying to be a different version of ourselves is citing a shadow.  Instead, turn the light on and discover that who you really are is ready to show up today

I would like to find out more.  What next?

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