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Running a Business can feel hard sometimes, but, it doesn’t have to be that way

Running a Business can be fun and exhilarating, leading to financial freedom and giving you the ability to live a life you love as well as serving those you love to serve.  It can also be exhausting at times and we can lose direction, leaving us wondering why we started all of this in the first place. The ups and downs of Business Life can impact relationships and leave you juggling balls that you didn’t even know you had and long term, you know this won’t be sustainable.  You started your business in the first place to change not only your world, but to run a heart centred business that does great work and changes the lives of others in some way, only, you hadn’t anticipated losing your passion and drive


Is this for me?

I'm losing focus and Procrastinating

Becoming scattered in your approach can have all sorts of repercussions not only on business, but in life.  If you aren’t enjoying your business, this can impact performance and bottom line success.  You might find yourself procrastinating and delaying decisions, not knowing your next move

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Having too many things to do and only so many hours in a day doesn’t allow for enjoying life.  If Overwhelm is becoming a regular occurrence for you, you might be noticing feelings of inadequacy creeping in.  It can feel like you’re fire fighting.  How long can you sustain that?

Losing your sense of Purpose?

Creating and Leading a Purpose driven Business was your dream but somehow, it seems more like a nightmare at times.  The reasons that you started your business in the first place can feel hazy and out of reach when you’re stressed and running on empty.  You would love to reconnect with your Purpose and transform the business into something you enjoy

Running out of ideas?

Ideas used to flow but now you cant seem to see through the fog. Solving problems is becoming increasingly difficult and you feel alone in your quest.  You wish you had someone to bounce ideas around with, someone in your corner to support you but you have no one.

Creative potential seems in short supply

You created this business and have always been connected to your creative flow, but that supply seems to have dried up.  You don’t have time to give it much attention anyway these days and cannot muster up the confidence and motovation to make it happen.  Where did it all go?

You are familiar with Personal Development

You may have been around the Personal Development industry for a while and tried different techniques or strategies.  Sometimes, something seems to work but it is not sustainable and before long, you find yourself treading water again

If however, you suspect you might be missing something, you are right!

The ‘Something’ that you are missing out of the mix here is YOU!

What you might not know yet is that your missing ingredient isn’t actually missing, it’s simply been buried under all of the stuff that you thought you had to do.  Learning to show up in life as the true version of yourself leaves you free to create a business within a life you love

If instead you are ready to:

Conscious Leadership

Make decisions effortlessly and boldly

Create Miracles

Transform your business and your life into something beyond your wildest dreams

Lead with Confidence

Create deeper connections with colleagues, your employees and form collaborations that support your vision

Unleash your Inner Creator

Understand how to harness your innate capacity to create and bring to life your best ideas

Get more done

Feel motivated and get more done whilst also having less to think about

1:1 Conversations

A series of 1:1 conversations between you and I to explore the areas in your life that you would like to change and transform. These can be in person or via video link and will be mutually agreed beforehand during the initial consultation, as will the length and duration of the package

I would like to find out more.  What next?

If you are ready to explore Coaching as a means of transformation, your next step is to book a 30 minute Consultation

We will spend some time exploring how Coaching can help and exactly what that will look like for you in terms of commitment