A Year of Miracles

From Dreams to Miracles, Your Spiritual Journey
Bring your Life to LIFE
A 12 Month Journey bringing the Inside, Outside

A deep, connected journey exploring your true nature and playing full out

You are a Universal Presence, having a human experience of life.  You are a miracle maker and every day is unchartered territory, a blank canvas, a new landscape.  If you are willing to create from there, I am willing to meet you there, support you there and love you there! Join me and a group of other women in this beautiful Healing Circle each month and experience being held, being loved, being accepted fully.  For a taste of the Healing Circles,  you can watch    one that I recorded a few weeks ago here

Is this for me?

You have a feeling that there is more to life

Feelings of boredom, dissatisfaction and loneliness come to the surface and you know there must be more to life

Not sure what to do first

There is probably lots you want to do, but where do you start? If only you had someone to explore a strategy with!

Something for your 'self'

This may be the first time that you have done something that is totally and completely for you! 

Learning to Fly

You have some fears that maybe you are the one who couldn’t make it, but, you are prepared to try

If you don't do it now, it might be too late

You know that you have put your own needs and desires last and now its time for a new order!

You are right! Now is the time! How much longer are you going to put YOU on hold?

Let your spiritual journey begin!

Self Discovery is different than Self Development.  Discover for yourself that there is no ‘self’ to develop and instead, create a life you love, discover your purpose and live in perfect freedom!

If instead are ready to:

Gain a Sense of Who You Really Are

Touching Grace, connecting with your true nature, will allow your confidence to shine through.  You don’t need to hesitate when you realise that you cannot fail.  Leaps of faith will not be necessary.  What can you create from that place? A life you truly love…..

Create Miracles

When you realise that you already create miracles everyday, you start to realise that you can enjoy them too! Life is for living, not regretting.  How do you want to spend the rest of your time?

A deeper Understanding of your Universal Nature

Realising that we have more in common than we do different can allow you to give up the worry, anxiety and people pleasing.  How much lighter would life be then? Minimal effort, less stress and more freedom manifests from discovering for your self, who you really are

Unleash your Inner Creator

Understand how to harness your innate capacity to create and bring to life your best ideas. What is universally true for all living things is that we are all a unique perspective of consciousness and as we come to embody this more and more, it will make no sense to copy, immitate, fit in, make yourself small, people please, compromise, suffer. Discovering that life is an inner game is what changes life

Freedom to Choose

When you are not working on your motivation and you discover that the personal is insecure, you’ll naturally begin to spend more moments in Presence where the only real choices we make come from Wisdom.  Presence does not know insecurity, it only knows love, compassion and peace of mind.  Watch in awe as your relationships change, grow deeper and more loving and the insecurity drops away, leaving you feeling lighter

Universal verses Personal

Conversations about the Personal v Universal nature of life run throughout this unique program.  Imagine not being phased by other people’s opinions of you when you realise that they aren’t about you after all? What would hold you back then?



What you can expect


 Once each month, myself and group of women will come together in an online Healing Circle and hold space for insight, love and acceptance. The coming together of women has ancient roots and the sharing of stories, our lives and our hopes and dreams allows us to discover our deep connection to source, to all things.


The Healing Circles will be led by myself and a different topic each month will be explored.  This is an opportunity for deep inner reflection.  There is no prescription here, to your own ideal life, rather, it is a chance for you to further discover that from the Universal cycles, rhythms, inner workings of the Universe, arises you and everything that you have come to know.  


What are those cycles, rhythms and inner working of the Universe? Discussions will dive into these questions so that you can begin to lean into them, notice them and experience for yourself that you are already connected to them.


The Healing Circle will be followed the next week with a Live Q and A Call.  After a week of noticing, embodying and allowing, there may be questions and reflections that you want to share.  This space is there for you!


The Closed and Private Facebook Group is where you will get to come together and connect deeply with each other, realising that we are all in the same boat. There exist no hierarchies here, no experts, gurus or heroes, there is only loving space, kindness, deep understanding and non judgement. This is for us all to support and to be supported. If this feels challenging, I invite you closer.  Find the courage to discover the power and beauty of the Feminine, and the Masculine, the most deeply connected and often out of alignment forces that we humans possess.

 Doors  are now closed until 2020