I’ll be happy when I have enough…..have you ever said that or thought that? Or maybe ‘Everything will be ok when……” or “If I had a penny for every time someone said that” which is in fact a personal favourite of mine.  There was a time when I spoke or thought these phrases without even realising what I was saying, a time when I gave it no thought as it was the norm for me to think that way.  I really believed that my happiness was dependent on some future occurrence or event.

Most of us get caught up in this kind of thinking don’t we? It isn’t an unnatural or unusual way to live life.  If though, like I was, you are still seeking that ever changing and illusory thing and it is attached to happiness, please take a moment to stop now and contemplate this….you can be happy regardless!!



Clarity can feel like an overused phrase if you are a personal development freak like myself.  Almost every modern author and coach talks about that thing we are seeking called Clarity and I jumped on this bandwagon too, until I realised that what I was seeking was already within me.

Have you ever had a moment that completely stopped you in your tracks? A moment that felt so complete, so absolutely right and perfect that there was nothing you needed to do other than sit in that moment and enjoy it?  There can be various triggers to moments like these if you aren’t yet a seasoned ‘Clarity Pro’ 😀 Some people describe nature as being their trigger, others music, others exercise and so on.  It’s that moment when maybe you are in the shower and a solution to a problem suddenly appears or maybe you have an amaze balls idea that you ‘know’ that you have to put into action.

This is a process of knowing, a process whereby our mind forgot the problem and the thoughts and feelings around that problem in order to find the solution.  This is Clarity, your innate knowing,  guiding you to the right conclusion.  The conclusion that all is exactly how it should be :).  Try to search for Clarity and you’re often met with confusion, dissatisfaction, an endless stream of mind blurb resulting in feelings that are negative.  The result? I will be happy when…….

You see, no one has Clarity 100% of the time, ( well maybe Buddha 😉 ) but the majority of us? No, we have active minds and busy schedules and muddled thoughts and we seek to meditate these away in order to quieten the thought train.  If however, we wait, do something else, distract these thoughts with other things, clarity gently rises to the surface again.

So how do we use clarity to be happy in the now? You know this answer don’t you? As you’re reading this, you can see how futile it is to delay being happy until some future event?  If everything you need to gain clarity is already within and all you have to do is allow it, it makes sense to allow happiness. Learning to step into your power, tapping into your innate knowing, being able to conjure clarity means that given time, you can find all of the ways and resources you need to achieve your goals and so delaying happiness, inner joy and that sense of peace, doesn’t serve you.  You can be happy knowing all of this.  You are enough!! <3


The inside out theory

Add to the concepts of clarity, the fact that your feelings (in this case happiness) are created by our thoughts, you can see that the only thing now preventing you from feeling happy, regardless of your present situation, is your thinking.  We don’t think our feelings, although I know it can seem that way, we feel our thoughts.  It follows then that if your thoughts around happiness are that you already have it within, you can begin to feel it.

Some may find this alien and I am certainly not minimising any person’s individual situation or circumstances.  I too have had deeply unhappy moments at various stages of my life.  I have suffered with bouts of depression that at the time, took me out of the game of life….almost!! And then I found clarity and I gained the understanding that I had the power, the ability, the knowing, to live in this very moment and be happy with it.

Unhappy relationships, sad events, they are fleeting, they don’t hold your power, you hold it.  Of course we miss those we love who are no longer with us, clarity doesn’t take that away.  Of course we worry about unpaid bills, clarity doesn’t pay them for us.  What clarity does in such situations is allow these feelings to pass.  It honours these feelings as being created by what we think and knows that we are human and being so means we are capable of being caught up in that thinking and feeling as though it is a tangible thing we can touch!!

Our emotions, they are powerful, but equally, we can tap into positive emotions by thinking our way there. I would love you to try this now, for now is all we have isn’t it? Now is the only time we have guaranteed and all that you are worrying about is usually in the future and the future has a way of self correcting by allowing clarity into your life 🙂

I am happy now!!! I want you to be happy too 🙂


Nicky x


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