Do you do your numbers? I have had had a week full of numbers and guess what? Mine are increasing!! Getting serious with numbers is a must if you want yours to increase, I cannot stress this enough.  I do my numbers every month and then have a major number overhaul quarterly.  You do too right?  If you’re sitting there feeling sick at the thought of doing your numbers or if you’re sitting there wondering what on earth I am banging on about, let me explain;

What are your numbers and why are they necessary?


I have never been big on Math and those days I spent at school scribbling hearts on the back of my book during class are long gone.  I never thought I would need numbers for anything more than doing the shopping so like many, I didn’t pay attention, but here’s the thing!! Number count!!

Not in a ‘I need to know how to measure the angles on an isosceles triangle kind of way’ unless of course you’re an Architect, but on a ‘I need to be able to add and subtract’ kind of way.  Oh yes, and sometimes I need to multiply and divide and recognise deficit!! Whaaaa!! Yep, profit, loss and when to cut it is important too.

I can honestly say that starting to do my numbers gave me the best possible start at growing my business.  When I first began in biz, I just began.  I had a gorgeous idea, lots of passion and compassion and a burning desire to help a bunch of lovelies to change and uplift their lives and business.  I had qualifications and lots of experience and I had found my purpose.  Fast forward 2 months of putting myself out there and getting no clients and nothing more than ‘I love what you’re trying to do’ kind of encouragement from family and friends (sometimes) and I was starting to worry!  Doubt crawled through my mind and all of the words of positivity I kept putting out to the universe didn’t bring success!!

I received a bailiff notice from an overdue bill and that was it, I knew I had to act and act fast.  I sat down and scribbled absolutely everything I owed in my journal.  Nothing was left unaccounted for and totalled and subtracted and multiplied by 2 just in case I had got it wrong.  The next thing I did was write a list of everything I wanted, all of the treats for my girls, myself and my partner.  The holidays, the gorgeous clothes, the soft furnishings for our home, the savings in the bank and the investments I envisaged I could leave as my legacy.  Nothing was left out.  Time to add the 2 figures together and a “Oh sh*t” moment!! The number was huge!! It was breathtaking, spine tingling and absolutely terrifying.  It was also liberating and soul freeing and kind of exciting.  Could I actually do this! Could I kill that figure and if so how? How exactly was I going to pull this off so that I could afford even a gym membership or an ice cream for my granddaughter on our weekend trips out?  Here’s how:

Making your numbers BIG


Take action!! Work out how many fabulous wedding dresses you need to sell, clients you need to gather, cakes you need to bake.  Whatever trade you’re in, you’re selling right? Work out exactly how much you need to move to get to that yearly figure.

What if you have different products and services at different price points as most of us do?  You need to work out your leverage.  Start with your smallest price.  What if you only sold all of your smallest price items or services?  No problem, just work out how many you need to sell! Divide the number by 12 and make a note as thats your monthly total that you need to sell.  Next work out your weekly total by dividing by 52 and that’s what you need to sell.  Now ideally, non of us will need to work 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year so also work out how many weeks off you plan to take, mine is 4 so I subtracted this and it left me with 48 weeks and a new total to sell my services in 48 weeks!! Wow!! I had goals!! I mean, yes I have always had goals but now I have GOALS!! Big ones yes but exciting ones too.

If like me you have different priced items, you’re in a great position as you haven’t even accounted yet for leverage.  Imagine all of the ways you are going to up-sell and you will begin to see that actually, that scary number you have just worked out that you need to make, it’s smashed with leverage.  You can think of as many ways as you like to leverage and this is where the fun part starts.

Action leads to more action.  Yes, once you have your numbers you’re left with writing down all of the ways you are going to attract gorgeous clients and customers to bust those numbers!! No of course it isn’t magically going to happen and it takes work and determination but you have the upper hand.  You have a figure(s) and once you have that in your mind, its amazing how the ideas begin to flow and you tap into your inner creativity, finding brilliant and ideal ways to market yourself and position yourself to attract the right people.  You have developed a vision and we all know what happens when we have a vision don’t we?  Yes, the universe go’s out of it’s way to bring it into your reality.

The final figure


Ok so you never really have a final figure.  Life happens, things change and you might find yourself with unexpected and unaccounted for numbers.  The vets bill comes in, you had to call the plumber out, it could be anything.  Add them on to your totals in the same way that you are to track each week and each month how much you have accumulated towards your Big Number, you also need to continue to track and add ons.  By doing your numbers you are setting your intentions so you want to make sure that intention is as accurate as possible.  In the same way, strike off anything paid for and all the amounts that come in, they need to come off your overall weekly, monthly and annual total of what is needed. This is gratitude, acknowledgement and thanks that the Law of Attraction is working for you!!

Doing my numbers bought me new ways to monetise my skills and start to live the life I desired.  I found ways to leverage.  I found ways to earn a passive income and I found ways to keep myself in the game and speak to my clients because it gave me a sense of urgency, a sense that I had to do something if I wanted to continue to do what I love to do, to work with you 🙂

Doing your numbers may feel scary but now you know the reasons why you should and you can do them with a smile on your face.  You can do your numbers safe in the knowledge that it can bring you closer to your dreams and closer to your ideal life and biz


Nicky x



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