Is Visibility Important?

Is Visibility Important?

You are a business leader and if you want to reach clients online, you may have been looking into various ways of marketing your business and so, one of the questions you may have is; Is Visibility Important?  The short answer is; it depends

If you are a Coach, Therapist, or some sort of Change Worker and your practice is fully booked, weeks or even months in advance, then no, not at this point.  You can relax and be reassured that you are already visible to those who will benefit from your services or products.  You have probably already gone through the process of finding out how to get clients and discovering that the best way, is through finding a potential client, offering them the very thing that you know they want and then providing outstanding service.  The results then speak for themselves.  You will be getting a constant stream of referrals and visibility has taken care of itself.  Until that is, you want to grow and scale, expand and recreate something even bigger and more impactful.  If that is you, you might wish to read on.

On the other hand, if you are a Coach, Therapists or some other Creative and you are struggling to get clients, then it makes sense that you start to understand that finding and building an audience is essential.  I am not talking numbers here, I am talking people, real live people who want to connect and build relationships and who join your audience, your tribe, your crowd, whatever it is you choose to call it.  It’s a group of people who love and care, support and each other and who are looking at you for ideas, solutions, and support for what they see as their problems right now.

I mean, you probably know you can offer a solution right? Thats why you have chosen to dedicate your life to helping people.  What I found though, is that many people in the change work profession, have a tendency to believe they can work with anyone and everyone…..the result is, they work with very few.  ok, maybe a few, but, those few don’t amount to a business that is profitable and sustainable.

Its then not long before the inevitable happens; funds run low, stress runs high and motivation to continue runs dry! If you recognise yourself in this, consider these options:

  • Drilling down, getting deep, uncovering your strengths, is exactly the thing you need to do right now.  You will then know the quickest and easiest way that you can help people…..You will find a niche!
  • Finding a niche is NOT restricting you!  Finding a niche will enable you to be seen and found more easily, in an already very busy marketplace! 
  • As you get clearer and clearer, you can help more and more people and also, more and more people will be referring you!
  • Recognise that you’re amazing at what you do.  You are an enabler, an encourager and yes, you show people how to step out of whichever pigeon hole they are currently in.  To do that though, you have go and venture into their pigeon hole!

You can have as many audiences/niches as you like, but, unless you are clear on what they are, you cannot speak to their pains and show them how they can be free of that pain.  7.6 billion people inhabit this amazing planet and so, to be heard, you have to find YOUR people! You have to become visible to them!

Mainly though, realise that you are ALREADY visible but to be visible and have impact, showing up as who you really are, without the filter, without being guided by insecurity, will allow you to connect and share more deeply.  Business, like life, is truly built on relationships and so your willingness to take a chance on you, to come for that deep place of knowing, will enable others to meet you there

Below you can see a comments about my Visibility Toolkit <3

“I thought I would write-up my experiences so far from the ‘Visibility Toolkit’.

I was stuck before I started this course. I felt uncomfortable about being visible and worried about taking action but hadn’t got going. Then you offered the toolkit and I knew I had to join it. It has given me practical tips and ‘how to’ do things and this was so useful. But it gave me so much more… I have never taken so much action and have enjoyed every step of the way.

I have:

Really embraced Instagram (not so much on the other social media platforms so far but I know they will come when I am ready) I have gone from 7 to over 2000 followers in 5 weeks! Not only am I getting followers but people are also commenting against my posts so I am engaging with them.

Previously, I was beginning to develop online courses but would not have had anyone to deliver them to. Now I am growing an audience (as well as my confidence)

I loved producing videos and they have helped me increase take-up on my Parent Workshop locally. Each time I have sent the videos out then sign-up has increased so I am almost full and there is still over 2 weeks still to go.

I am taking up offers to become more visible and also approaching others to collaborate on work that I would not have done before.

Also, I took part in another challenge and created 2 mini eBooks and have sold 7 so far online, some through the Instagram link as taught by you. Previously, I would have engaged in the challenge to find out ideas but not taken action and put it off for some later date until I felt ‘ready’ (i.e. probably never!).

I know that I have done the work on this but the Visibility Toolkit and working with you has certainly been the catalyst for me and for that I am extremely grateful.

I found the format was clear and the bonus section really helpful. I appreciated the weekly calls for input and value being able to jump on future calls as the programme rolls out again. I have found the whole experience highly impactful and love the care and consideration you give to those you work with. 

Love Karen

Is Visibility important? Absolutely!

Nicky x