Is Visibility Important?

Is Visibility Important?

You are a business leader and if you want to reach clients online, you may have been looking into various ways of marketing your business and so, one of the questions you may have is; Is Visibility Important?  The short answer is; it depends

If you are a Coach, Therapist, or some sort of Change Worker and your practice is fully booked, weeks or even months in advance, then no, not at this point.  You can relax and be reassured that you are already visible to those who will benefit from your services or products.  You have probably already gone through the process of finding out how to get clients and discovering that the best way, is through finding a potential client, offering them the very thing that you know they want and then providing outstanding service.  The results then speak for themselves.  You will be getting a constant stream of referrals and visibility has taken care of itself.  Until that is, you want to grow and scale, expand and recreate something even bigger and more impactful.  If that is you, you might wish to read on.

On the other hand, if you are a Coach, Therapists or some other Creative and you are struggling to get clients, then it makes sense that you start to understand that finding and building an audience is essential.  I am not talking numbers here, I am talking people, real live people who want to connect and build relationships and who join your audience, your tribe, your crowd, whatever it is you choose to call it.  It’s a group of people who love and care, support and each other and who are looking at you for ideas, solutions, and support for what they see as their problems right now.

I mean, you probably know you can offer a solution right? Thats why you have chosen to dedicate your life to helping people.  What I found though, is that many people in the change work profession, have a tendency to believe they can work with anyone and everyone…..the result is, they work with very few.  ok, maybe a few, but, those few don’t amount to a business that is profitable and sustainable.

Its then not long before the inevitable happens; funds run low, stress runs high and motivation to continue runs dry! If you recognise yourself in this, consider these options:

  • Drilling down, getting deep, uncovering your strengths, is exactly the thing you need to do right now.  You will then know the quickest and easiest way that you can help people…..You will find a niche!
  • Finding a niche is NOT restricting you!  Finding a niche will enable you to be seen and found more easily, in an already very busy marketplace! 
  • As you get clearer and clearer, you can help more and more people and also, more and more people will be referring you!
  • Recognise that you’re amazing at what you do.  You are an enabler, an encourager and yes, you show people how to step out of whichever pigeon hole they are currently in.  To do that though, you have go and venture into their pigeon hole!

You can have as many audiences/niches as you like, but, unless you are clear on what they are, you cannot speak to their pains and show them how they can be free of that pain.  7.6 billion people inhabit this amazing planet and so, to be heard, you have to find YOUR people! You have to become visible to them!

Mainly though, realise that you are ALREADY visible but to be visible and have impact, showing up as who you really are, without the filter, without being guided by insecurity, will allow you to connect and share more deeply.  Business, like life, is truly built on relationships and so your willingness to take a chance on you, to come for that deep place of knowing, will enable others to meet you there

Below you can see a comments about my Visibility Toolkit <3

“I thought I would write-up my experiences so far from the ‘Visibility Toolkit’.

I was stuck before I started this course. I felt uncomfortable about being visible and worried about taking action but hadn’t got going. Then you offered the toolkit and I knew I had to join it. It has given me practical tips and ‘how to’ do things and this was so useful. But it gave me so much more… I have never taken so much action and have enjoyed every step of the way.

I have:

Really embraced Instagram (not so much on the other social media platforms so far but I know they will come when I am ready) I have gone from 7 to over 2000 followers in 5 weeks! Not only am I getting followers but people are also commenting against my posts so I am engaging with them.

Previously, I was beginning to develop online courses but would not have had anyone to deliver them to. Now I am growing an audience (as well as my confidence)

I loved producing videos and they have helped me increase take-up on my Parent Workshop locally. Each time I have sent the videos out then sign-up has increased so I am almost full and there is still over 2 weeks still to go.

I am taking up offers to become more visible and also approaching others to collaborate on work that I would not have done before.

Also, I took part in another challenge and created 2 mini eBooks and have sold 7 so far online, some through the Instagram link as taught by you. Previously, I would have engaged in the challenge to find out ideas but not taken action and put it off for some later date until I felt ‘ready’ (i.e. probably never!).

I know that I have done the work on this but the Visibility Toolkit and working with you has certainly been the catalyst for me and for that I am extremely grateful.

I found the format was clear and the bonus section really helpful. I appreciated the weekly calls for input and value being able to jump on future calls as the programme rolls out again. I have found the whole experience highly impactful and love the care and consideration you give to those you work with. 

Love Karen

Is Visibility important? Absolutely!

Nicky x



Becoming a Great Leader

Becoming a Great Leader

Becoming a Great Leader was not the aim of many of the worlds Great Leaders.  Most just happen to be a Great Leader and are adored and revered by their crowd for other things such as Martin Luther King, whose purpose and aim was to put an end to racial hatred, Mother Theresa who insisted on doing as much as possible to end world poverty.  Great Leaders become so by doing great and amazing things…by daring to dream

According to Forbes Magazine, the main characteristics of a Great Leader are as follows:
+Ability to Delegate
+Great Communication

These are fabulous characteristics, however, the list is not exhaustive and the University of Notre Dame would add things like “Being a Risk Taker”

We can then go on to look at Psychometric tests such as Myers-Briggs and they would have a complete different take on it and come at an angle of styles rather than characteristics and so words such as ‘visionary’ and ‘participative’ get thrown into the mix!!

So, are Great Leaders born or do they learn to be Great Leaders?  The answer is simple, some are born, others learn 🙂

One Characteristic that is prevalent throughout all of the different schools of thought though is that Great Leaders are “Goal Orientated”

Great Leaders set and achieve goals!! Their goals will differ hugely but they know and understand the importance of having that goal, that dream, that aim!!

Great Leaders, they focus, they strategise, they plot, they never stop until they achieve!!

Perhaps more importantly, Great Leaders have “Self Belief”!! Even in moments of doubt, they find ways, methods and means to overcome that self doubt….They melt away their limiting beliefs. Great Leaders know instinctively that they can achieve anything they want to and that there are solutions to everything. Great Leaders are not phased by problems, they are excited by challenges.  Their Limiting Beliefs act as motivating factors, as obstacles to overcome and as barriers to bust through!

Leadership is not just important in the workplace though.  Leadership is important in life in general.  That need to be accountable, to delegate, to communicate, it runs through the very being of our lives.  As parents, grandparents, friends and acquaintances, we all need to navigate the ever complex societal rules and norms which get in our way of ultimate happiness, of just being and living in a way which is authentic and harmonious.

Learning to overcome your limiting beliefs is integral to leadership and to happiness.  Whatever your goals, dreams and aspirations, being aware of your limiting beliefs and finding ways to overcome them is imperative to your success.  I would love you to comment below and tell me about your Big Dreams and how you’re planning to achieve them


Nicky x


A World without Borders

A World without Borders

I dream of a world without borders, in fact, I am demanding this of all of our world leaders.  Can you imagine that? Can you imagine their squabbles, frustration and anger at the thought of them losing their power, their home comforts, their status and ultimately, riches?

My heart is actually hurting at the sight of the rising refugee crisis and the hurt and pain that they are experiencing.  I am absolutely sick of the utter sh*t being spouted by politicians, the public and actually some of my friends and my loved ones about the rights and wrongs of allowing people who are fleeing torture, hunger and war, into our country.  Why not? Why not help those in a less fortunate position than ourselves?

The arguments are vast and endless and I am going to be completely honest here, I have bought into these arguments myself in the past.  I was a child of the  70’s and thus born into an era where racism was still tolerated.  An era where it was common to hear people make racist jokes in the media, where discrimination was still tolerated and people of other nations were made to feel unworthy.  I had fights on the school yard and arguments with my peers because I too have used racist words and language, not appreciating the harm I was causing.  Why did I do that? Siting here and reflecting upon that now, I feel total shame.  I almost don’t want to publish this post, knowing the judgement that I may face because of my past thinking and behaviour, but I have a responsibility.  I have a responsibility to actually take responsibility and own up to my past mistakes and errors of judgement.  I have a responsibility to my children and grandchildren, my community, my country and in fact the whole f*cking world and so do YOU!!!  I have responsibility to be human, to be humane, to reach out to my fellow humans with love and compassion and do whatever I can to support their wellbeing and so do YOU!!

I was a sum of my thoughts and consequently those thoughts bring about emotions.  If you have any doubt about this, educate yourself.  Educate yourself on the origin of those strong surging emotions you have. Emotions always follow thought, not the other way round.  It is easy to mistake our true nature, to believe that we are our emotions because emotions are so powerful.  Our emotions often drive us forward and if not controlled or understood can lead to behaviour which is damaging.  In essence, we get our thoughts from others, from the experiences of our friends, what they tell us and from our family, from the media. Although some of those thoughts may be from our own experience, most are not.  We take on the views of others, we allow these thoughts and they become our beliefs.  I am fortunate, I learned this a long time ago and it has impacted upon my own true nature immensely.  It has enabled me to understand that if we strip back those emotions, thoughts, beliefs, we are all exactly the same.  So what gives us the right to turn away, to ridicule, to sit self righteous and in judgement of those in need right now?  So called World Leaders are debating what when discussing this crisis?  Money? Wealth? War? blahhh blahhhh blahhh.  Yes they would have you believe that we are a poor little nation who cannot afford to “feed our own”….I have actually seen this term used, really? What the hell?  Are these people actually not our own because they so happen to be born elsewhere?  Are they not part of mankind?

David Cameron, I do not care about your political beliefs, they are not real, they are the sum of your thinking and we have already established that your thinking is not totally your own but is mostly the result of those around you who have, or, have had the most influence over you and so in that respect, you are forgiven for getting caught up in those thoughts.  So, as a fellow human being, stripped of that thinking, stripped of those beliefs…if you would be so kind as to do that for a moment, why are you creating a frenzy of panic and having your fellow human beings believe that it is the right thing to be cautious with charity? Why are you creating such arguments about lack of jobs, the National Health Service, the pensions and oh yes, what about the terrorists we may accidentally let in?  Can you not for one moment reflect upon those people that so need refuge right now and reach out to them?  When has our nation become so selfish? What is the point of those laws that protect people against discrimination when as a nation we are discriminating on a vast scale?  Can we not put aside our fears for a moment and reach out?  Fear belongs in the future!! It is an emotion that stems from what we believe WILL happen, based on the experiences of the past.  Fear is not a fact!!

Seriously, if you are reading this and getting angry, feeling frustrated that I dare to wish the borders of the world to be eliminated, check yourself!  It is those borders, fights over territory, religion and all of the institutions of the world that are perpetuating your argument,  so just sit for a moment and ask yourself why?  What are they protecting?  Wealth? Status? Power?  An interesting concept isn’t it? Are they protecting your wealth, status and power?  Do you feel empowered right now?  Do you feel safe? Do you know wholly and completely that you will not one day face the very same harrowing problem that those seeking refuge are facing?  Do you feel totally confident in a system that is already struggling to feed, clothe and house people? I don’t, so why not take this as an opportunity to change?

The world is being ravaged by war and actually, this has been so for hundreds of years, nothing changes. There will always be some ‘Big Man’ sending his minions out to do his dirty work, to protect HIS wealth, HIS status, HIS power.  Isn’t it about time that we stopped joining in and saying actually, I just want to make sure that my neighbour is well, that my friends and family are well, that my fellow human beings are well?

Of course, wealth, health and all of the other things people need to survive are important but honestly, do you really believe that if we melt the worlds borders, every person in the world will flock to the UK simply because we have a National Health System? And if this is true, why can we not get a better system? Apparently it is failing anyway.  Ahhhh but yes, that is due to the immigration policy isn’t it? Hmmmm that is odd, since my recent experience of the NHS is that the system is flawed to the hilt.  Staff are overworked and so many have lost their love of the job.  I could go on endlessly and no doubt so could you but the fact is, allowing ourselves to open our hearts and our nation to people who right now, need us, is NOT going to throw us into despair, we will deal, we are grown ups right?

What will ultimately throw us into despair is the perpetual arguments about why we should not help, why we should ignore this and let every other nation deal.  This is shameful, this goes against everything our laws and values stand for….freedom.  What gives you the right to choose who should be free to live and who shouldn’t simply based on the idea of where you happen to live or are born?

My wish to have borders diminished may seem idealistic to you.  It may feel scary, or make you angry. What do you really think is going to happen?  Many will leave and go elsewhere, don’t fool yourself about that.  Greater freedom brings about greater freedom, it is that simple.  You can even argue that I haven’t any political or economic basis for how it would work and yes, that is true.  I have a desire based on trust, love, kindness and compassion….what about you?  Do you wish for conscious living too?

3 things babies can teach us about Leadership

3 things babies can teach us about Leadership

Have you ever considered the qualities of the worlds greatest leaders?  Whether you’re a business owner, employed or a stay at home parent, the way in which you lead your tribe/employees/clients/colleagues/family, quite frankly matters!!  Consider this; regardless of what we have learned so far in life, if we do not lead from our heart, our inner self, how are we going to convince others of our authenticity?  How will others around you stick by you, trust you, encourage you?  It is a great thing to have influencers, people who we look up to, whose values and opinions resonate with us. Influencers teach us so much don’t they?  But the ultimate responsibility of what we implement is down to us.

You see, great leaders, they can fail and still be great leaders. Sir Richard Branson fails marvellously, never losing any respect from his crowd.  In fact, any failures are hardly noticed and most, such as his failed space mission attempt, raise a few ‘ahhh you’ll do it next time’ noises. We don’t doubt him, we don’t admonish him and we still applaud him.

So exactly what are his magic ingredients?  Why do we continue to look up to great leaders even in their deepest darkest most despairing moments?  Our babies have the answer:

Babies v Adults

1. Babies demand food, they cry and send clear signals when they need nourishing or caring for because they know without doubt that to survive, they need your attention.  There is no skipping meals, there is no fussy eating, they just know they need sustenance.  Babies don’t question whether they deserve food and sustenance or use it to punish themselves or even love themselves, to them, it is just necessary.

Babies will not be comforted until they have had their vital life source…food and water! (milk).  They will not quieten and get on with their day until they are satisfied and there is no clearer sign of contentment when a baby’s hunger is quelled.

Adults – we become obsessed with food, either to consume too much or to starve ourselves.  We seek thrills in food and fail to recognise that we eat to get nourished.  We use food as a weapon or treat for ourselves or those around us.  Many of us fail to pay homage to our food and we do not feel gratitude for what is before us.  Consider this; what sort of messages and communication do you have around food?  Do you skip meals and work through lunch breaks?  Is this what your employees see?  Is this the norm within your family? Then these are the messages you are transmitting.  Show those around you the importance of nourishing their bodies and taking time out to eat properly and well.  Allow others to do the same and acknowledge that they need a break to recharge and refresh in order to be healthy and happy

This particular lesson can be further complicated if we don’t take into account the other aspect of the need for us to ask for what we want, whether it be food, shelter, money or absolutely anything.  Babies, they get nourished and their needs met by telling us they need it, shouting about it and not stopping until it is there before them.  So many of us accept lack, misfortune, yet never declare what we do actually want.  Be bold in your statements and communicate to others exactly what it is you need.  Go set your intentions!!

2. Babies learn to crawl without fear.  They flex their muscles and wriggle their limbs each day because they know instinctively to build their strength and that they are off exploring as soon as possible.  No matter how many times they fall (fail) they take it on the chin and continue to go again, each time growing and learning new ways of exploring the world around them.

You drag them away from the fire they’re crawling towards and they simply go again when you let go of them.  Have you ever wondered why this is?  They didn’t sense the danger, you did!  This wasn’t their failure it was yours.  Now I am not suggesting that you allow them to crawl into the fire by any means.  I am simply pointing out that until around 15 months, if a baby hasn’t learned a lesson for himself, he will continue to try to succeed.

Adults – many learn a skill tentatively.  We question our ability, intellect and lose motivation when we fall (fail) forgetting that failure is part of success.  We forget to see failure as lessons and so don’t seek new ways to implement what we have learnt.  We fear being judged and so accept failure.

Those around us often imitate this without knowing.  When we give up, they give up too.  Of course great leaders may sometimes give up, but not without exploring absolutely every avenue.  Great leaders will pioneer new thought, methods and ways of doing things in fact because they didn’t give up.  Some of the best leaders who ever lived such as Nelson Mandella, failed at one thing only to find success at another, even in the face of adversity, even when they fell.

3. Babies trust – they trust that they will get fed, loved, nurtured. If mum doesn’t come when they cry, they continue crying because they EXPECT love.  They smile at you regardless of your mood.  They don’t allow others to influence their own joy, they feel it naturally, providing they have been fed and changed and are not tired.  They chuckle and giggle and provoke your laughter over the simplest of situations and it is such a powerful medicine for those of us around them

Adults – we learn to suffer, to accept limits and to not trust. Adults avoid situations because they may get their feelings hurt and fail to trust again.  Relationships, boring jobs, lack of money all affect our inner joy and we enter a vicious cycle of ‘only being happy when’.

It may appear that great leaders are lucky, wealthy, in the right place at the right time, however, most have failed and have had hardships. Most great leaders have experienced loss in some form or another and no doubt most have allowed themselves to wallow in it for a time.  The difference is that it doesn’t take them out of the game.  They continue on their journey and feel gratitude for those special moments that sometimes are few and far between.

The Lessons

Babies are magnificent aren’t they?  They lead us, they adore us and we them.  They easily persuade us to bestow on them everything they need without question, even when we are at our most tired.  In exactly the same way, great leaders inspire the same commitment.  We sense or often witness their fearlessness, their willingness to fail and learn and try again.  We celebrate their successes and we talk about how amazing the lessons were that we learned from the failures and we follow, we worship and we adore

Be brave and cultivate your own inner leader.  Inspire those around you and share your failures as well as your successes.  Be willing to allow others to pull you back from the fire if necessary instead of allowing your ego to go it alone.  It doesn’t mean you can’t try again, it means you can reassess, readjust and reaffirm!!


Nicky x