Caitlyn Jenner is a woman!!!…isn’t she? Of course she is.  If you are still one of the few that has not read about her journey, you can find articles all over the internet and social media, many of which have a strong opinion on her transformation.  Caitylyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner was a 70’s Olympian, a star, a maverick athlete who married into the Kardashian family.

I have complained and sulked on many evenings after getting home from work to find them splattered all over my 52 inch and my teenage daughter avidly absorbing all of the glitz and buckets of makeup.  I didn’t like the message that the show portrayed, that life is all about what you have and I was determined that she would grow up with a more rounded view.  I allowed it mostly though as I recognised it as a phase and that it is natural for a young teenager to be drawn to such things.

On the occasions I sat down to watch, in between peeling the onions and running to Asda for forgotten ingredients, we both always commented on Bruce.  Poor Bruce was always bossed around, taken advantage of, joked about by his wife and basically ignored a lot.  We saw a sadness within Bruce that was actually heart wrenching.


Fast forward a year and my daughter had moved on from Kardsahian TV (which was a relief) and I gave them no more thought until a few months back, Caitlyn appeared splashed across every headline, social media page and cheap news report.  I mean actually Wow!! the transformation was amazing.  She looked great and actually, she looked bloody HAPPY!! They were my thoughts and no more…..until late last night.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love social media and I believe in free speech and all that.  It is important to be able to voice an opinion but actually, there are so many opinions out there that are not even fully formed before they hit the keyboard.  You know the ones, you read the Facebook post or Twitter feed and think ‘what the bloody hell?’ and then you scroll past and get your life back 😉

But the opinion that I read last night stopped me in my tracks.  It was a loooong Facebook post by a lady named Evelyn who is not even on my friend list but showed up in my newsfeed because one of my connections had liked it.  So I read on with interest since the headline stated ‘You are No Woman Caitlyn Jenner’

What is a Woman

It was basically a long, if not well written rant about how Caitlyn Jenner could not possibly be a woman because she has never given birth, she doesn’t bleed monthly, never known what it was like to be a down trodden wife who waits on her family hand and foot blah blah blah!!!  Caitlyn had never had the misfortune to miscarry her unborn child and she has only worn high heels for 6 months!!  I mean, honestly, by the end of the post I was mortified.  Am I not a woman too?? I have never miscarried a child, my periods are 3 weekly and not monthly, I don’t wait on my partner hand and foot and I no longer wear high heels because of my bloody corns!! Shit!! I am a bloke!! I have turned into a man without my permission!!

There it was, a concise list of everything it takes to be a woman of this glorious earth.  Oh and breasts! you need breasts!! Shit!! What about those amazing and brave women then who have had theirs removed because the blighted cancer got hold of them?? I need to let my sister know ASAP!! She has been through such a trauma this past few months having had her mastectomy, perhaps I will leave it until after her chemo before I drop the W bomb?!

I so wish now that I had saved that post somehow, friended Evelyn and then sent her this post in the cold light of day and maybe, just maybe, Evelyn would open up her heart to Caitlyn. Maybe Evelyn, you can begin to step into your own femininity and experience what it takes to be a WOMAN!!

Being a woman is NOT about raging hormones, giving birth or having breasts!! Being a woman is having a sense of it!! Being a woman is merely an identity, a space within which to park your soul.  You see Evelyn, our soul’s are genderless!! Your soul is whatever it feels it needs to be.  It can be kind or it can be unkind.  It can be with or without compassion and understanding and it can be with or without acceptance!! We do get to choose!! Your body is a vehicle! We transcend this earth in a shape, a form, a vessel and we call it male or female according to the shape of the genitals and we or rather you Evelyn sail through life hanging on to all of your gripes about the trauma of being a woman blah blah blah. But you forget Evelyn, you forget that your essence is energy and by forgetting, you have opinions about hierarchy of gender and you place labels where they don’t fit.  I really wish I had saved your post but I was so traumatised that I don’t fit your montage of woman hood that I blocked my connection who had liked it and got on with watching Masterchef.

I got up this morning though and you were still on my mind.  So I wanted to reach out to you, I hope by some chance that you see this!!  And if not, I hope that something is triggered within you and you realise that not all women have tits, not all women ever even have a period or carry a child.  Caitlyn Jenner may not know what it feels to miscarry but I am sure she has experienced loss and joy and confusion, love and pain. Something deep within Bruce made her realise that she was in the wrong vessel, body, mortal coil and change it.  She is brave and compassionate and bloody daring!! All of the traits that I would like to possess!! those traits are genderless. They are found in males and females alike and as far as I am concerned, she can no longer wee standing up, she is more than enough!! 🙂

And Evelyn, I am not angry with you for only feeling the physical aspects of your life or even for misjudging Caitlyn and all of the other brave souls who have decided to make the change and step into their glory, I simply hope that you one day, you embrace your womanhood!! Support your Sista’s 🙂



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