Nicky Bartley

Award Winning Transformation Coach and Trainer

I came here for the Mavericks, not the Masses!

Hi, I’m Nicky! Im Happy to have you here!

My Story

The Personal nature of our experience always leads to feelings of separation.  That is how ALL humans experience life and is perfectly natural.   My eyes were opened to a deeper experience beyond the every day noise and I dropped the facade.  It has been a beautiful journey to where I am now, to loving more deeply and without expectation, all the while, accepting human frailty within both myself and others with compassion and understanding.  I now dedicate my life to working this way.  Collaborating with my clients and supporting them as they too wake up to their innate capacity to thrive and create a life, business and relationships of their dreams is where the magic is. In essence, I teach Non Duality, that is, I point to who we really are and not who we think we are.

I spend my time working with Business Leaders and Leaders within Organisations.  Regardless of the client’s background, I know that the capacity to live a life of peace, love and harmony is innate and is found within.  When our Mind clears, that space is available to all.  Working from this viewpoint, I have seen teams come together and create outstanding results.  I have seen individuals create for themselves what they believed were impossible happenings, such as finding love, moving continents, create wealth and thriving business’ built on purpose and which they love.  I have seen parents fall out of stress and anxiety and humans stop wanting to die and start wanting to live again.  Mainly I have seen humans move from striving to thriving. I was one of those!

I discovered my love for writing, in fact, I re-discovered it.  I had been a secret writer for 40 years, too scared to ever allow anyone to read my work.  I noticed that I was writing online every day, without a care in the world and that the majority of my clients came to me initially because of something that I wrote.  It gradually dawned on me that I was already a writer, I had already made that transition without even noticing and that it was effortless and natural.  Its how I love to connect and it is how I share what is in my heart and that all the years of being afraid had been leading me to this, to a deeper knowing of who I really am.  Living life from who we really are is a game changer!

The same Universal Energy that’s behind the tree’s growing, the wind blowing and your heart beating, is the same Universal Energy that drives Creativity, Self Expression, Wisdom and the Source that drives all things.  When we forget, insecurity arises and we mistake this for truth.  Allowing our creative and purpose driven self to be in the world allows life to unfold and for us to enjoy being part of the process, making, designing and experimenting with anything that comes our way.  It is all play doh!

I dont set Goals, I create Miracles!

Nicky x

My Values & Beliefs

I will LOVE you regardless

My job as a Coach is to See YOU! Your personal circumstances, your personal stories, your personal experiences do not define you! It is not my job to buy into the personal, but to love you in spite of the personal, from our shared Universal essence!

Your Honesty is My Business

We all want to hide sometimes, but, it isn’t my job to let you! Working from your Universal Power will require your honesty and openness and it is my job to point to and encourage that!

I care about YOU deeply!

I care about you and I care about your suffering, not what you’re suffering from! I will walk with you, pointing you to who you really are and enticing out the bold and beautiful being who exists within.  I am in your corner

What Else?

I had a waiting list of Clients before I even got around to building my Brand!

Service is another name for Loving, as is Marketing

If we decide to work together, we work together!

When we work together, your commitment is to YOU!

I want to know YOU!

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