I dream of a world without borders, in fact, I am demanding this of all of our world leaders.  Can you imagine that? Can you imagine their squabbles, frustration and anger at the thought of them losing their power, their home comforts, their status and ultimately, riches?

My heart is actually hurting at the sight of the rising refugee crisis and the hurt and pain that they are experiencing.  I am absolutely sick of the utter sh*t being spouted by politicians, the public and actually some of my friends and my loved ones about the rights and wrongs of allowing people who are fleeing torture, hunger and war, into our country.  Why not? Why not help those in a less fortunate position than ourselves?

The arguments are vast and endless and I am going to be completely honest here, I have bought into these arguments myself in the past.  I was a child of the  70’s and thus born into an era where racism was still tolerated.  An era where it was common to hear people make racist jokes in the media, where discrimination was still tolerated and people of other nations were made to feel unworthy.  I had fights on the school yard and arguments with my peers because I too have used racist words and language, not appreciating the harm I was causing.  Why did I do that? Siting here and reflecting upon that now, I feel total shame.  I almost don’t want to publish this post, knowing the judgement that I may face because of my past thinking and behaviour, but I have a responsibility.  I have a responsibility to actually take responsibility and own up to my past mistakes and errors of judgement.  I have a responsibility to my children and grandchildren, my community, my country and in fact the whole f*cking world and so do YOU!!!  I have responsibility to be human, to be humane, to reach out to my fellow humans with love and compassion and do whatever I can to support their wellbeing and so do YOU!!

I was a sum of my thoughts and consequently those thoughts bring about emotions.  If you have any doubt about this, educate yourself.  Educate yourself on the origin of those strong surging emotions you have. Emotions always follow thought, not the other way round.  It is easy to mistake our true nature, to believe that we are our emotions because emotions are so powerful.  Our emotions often drive us forward and if not controlled or understood can lead to behaviour which is damaging.  In essence, we get our thoughts from others, from the experiences of our friends, what they tell us and from our family, from the media. Although some of those thoughts may be from our own experience, most are not.  We take on the views of others, we allow these thoughts and they become our beliefs.  I am fortunate, I learned this a long time ago and it has impacted upon my own true nature immensely.  It has enabled me to understand that if we strip back those emotions, thoughts, beliefs, we are all exactly the same.  So what gives us the right to turn away, to ridicule, to sit self righteous and in judgement of those in need right now?  So called World Leaders are debating what when discussing this crisis?  Money? Wealth? War? blahhh blahhhh blahhh.  Yes they would have you believe that we are a poor little nation who cannot afford to “feed our own”….I have actually seen this term used, really? What the hell?  Are these people actually not our own because they so happen to be born elsewhere?  Are they not part of mankind?

David Cameron, I do not care about your political beliefs, they are not real, they are the sum of your thinking and we have already established that your thinking is not totally your own but is mostly the result of those around you who have, or, have had the most influence over you and so in that respect, you are forgiven for getting caught up in those thoughts.  So, as a fellow human being, stripped of that thinking, stripped of those beliefs…if you would be so kind as to do that for a moment, why are you creating a frenzy of panic and having your fellow human beings believe that it is the right thing to be cautious with charity? Why are you creating such arguments about lack of jobs, the National Health Service, the pensions and oh yes, what about the terrorists we may accidentally let in?  Can you not for one moment reflect upon those people that so need refuge right now and reach out to them?  When has our nation become so selfish? What is the point of those laws that protect people against discrimination when as a nation we are discriminating on a vast scale?  Can we not put aside our fears for a moment and reach out?  Fear belongs in the future!! It is an emotion that stems from what we believe WILL happen, based on the experiences of the past.  Fear is not a fact!!

Seriously, if you are reading this and getting angry, feeling frustrated that I dare to wish the borders of the world to be eliminated, check yourself!  It is those borders, fights over territory, religion and all of the institutions of the world that are perpetuating your argument,  so just sit for a moment and ask yourself why?  What are they protecting?  Wealth? Status? Power?  An interesting concept isn’t it? Are they protecting your wealth, status and power?  Do you feel empowered right now?  Do you feel safe? Do you know wholly and completely that you will not one day face the very same harrowing problem that those seeking refuge are facing?  Do you feel totally confident in a system that is already struggling to feed, clothe and house people? I don’t, so why not take this as an opportunity to change?

The world is being ravaged by war and actually, this has been so for hundreds of years, nothing changes. There will always be some ‘Big Man’ sending his minions out to do his dirty work, to protect HIS wealth, HIS status, HIS power.  Isn’t it about time that we stopped joining in and saying actually, I just want to make sure that my neighbour is well, that my friends and family are well, that my fellow human beings are well?

Of course, wealth, health and all of the other things people need to survive are important but honestly, do you really believe that if we melt the worlds borders, every person in the world will flock to the UK simply because we have a National Health System? And if this is true, why can we not get a better system? Apparently it is failing anyway.  Ahhhh but yes, that is due to the immigration policy isn’t it? Hmmmm that is odd, since my recent experience of the NHS is that the system is flawed to the hilt.  Staff are overworked and so many have lost their love of the job.  I could go on endlessly and no doubt so could you but the fact is, allowing ourselves to open our hearts and our nation to people who right now, need us, is NOT going to throw us into despair, we will deal, we are grown ups right?

What will ultimately throw us into despair is the perpetual arguments about why we should not help, why we should ignore this and let every other nation deal.  This is shameful, this goes against everything our laws and values stand for….freedom.  What gives you the right to choose who should be free to live and who shouldn’t simply based on the idea of where you happen to live or are born?

My wish to have borders diminished may seem idealistic to you.  It may feel scary, or make you angry. What do you really think is going to happen?  Many will leave and go elsewhere, don’t fool yourself about that.  Greater freedom brings about greater freedom, it is that simple.  You can even argue that I haven’t any political or economic basis for how it would work and yes, that is true.  I have a desire based on trust, love, kindness and compassion….what about you?  Do you wish for conscious living too?


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