Loving yourself isn’t a cliche, it’s a necessity! Or at least it is if you want to be happy and avoid the compromise

I used to cringe a little when I heard that.  How can anyone love themselves? Isn’t that a little arrogant? I thought that only aesthetically pleasing people loved themselves and that yep, they were entitled to. But somehow, I would get by just thinking of myself as ‘ok’.  Life events appeared to prove me right too, I mean, I had been in abusive relationships, I then got married to a nice decent man who later left, I suffered from depression, in fact a whole list of things that seemed to prove me right.  Then 2 years ago I got real, I woke up, I had a ahaaa moment!!

I had spent years working with young offenders and their families within the community and prisons and actually, I was damn good at that!! I knew how to make people happy, how to help them change their life and become the person they knew they were deep inside.  I helped hundreds of kids and their families break the cycle and move on and now it was about time I did that for myself, right?

Fast forward and here I am!!  You see, if you’re a giver like me, it is so easy to forget to give to yourself, to overlook the most important factor in the mix that is ‘loving ourselves’.  So now I want to pass this on to you and to enable me to do so, I have created a new program so that you can learn exactly what I learned and benefit in the same way.  If you want to learn more you can click here

You see, I have always loved the universe and how it keeps me safe.  I have always known that it gives me exactly what I need whether in lessons or people, but until I learned to truly fall in love with me, thats exactly all I got, lessons and usually in the form of people.  I wanted to manifest what I wanted and I read so many books, articles and blogs to help me do so but every time it got to the point where I had to love myself, I skipped it.

You can avoid this vicious circle now by learning how to love yourself.  It isn’t as hard as you might think. There are no secrets to uncover other than the one that your innate self already knows but your busy mind may have forgot….you are enough



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