I’m Nicky Bartley

Leadership Coach and Consultant

Helping you take stuff off your mind so that you can show up to lead and live life

Put the Motivation Back into Business

Business can be fun, enjoyable and Purposefull

Who Are You Really?

Discover who You Really Are and how hiding is not an option
Be Who You Really Are

Recreating your life is only a thought away

In a world where Coaching is becoming increasingly popular as the ‘go to’ tool for Self Improvement, I discovered that every single human already has within them, the resources needed to thrive, transform and be who they really are.  My own journey into the Coaching arena both as a client and a Coach, allowed me to discover my own innate power lay within me.  Coaching is a powerful enabler!

Coaching as an Enabler

Instead of building a world where Coaching becomes the next addiction.  I want to build a world where Coaching leads to Freedom

Coaching as an Enhancement

My Coaching is a Subtractive Model, not an Additive Model, pointing you to what is already innately Whole, Well and Complete

The search is over

You are that which you seek! All humans are searching for Peace of Mind, not realising that they already have it within

I Am

You are not just your physical body, or your psychology.  You are the Source the powers your heart beat. The Source that Powers the Universe.  You are the ‘I Am’

Coaching for Stress

Move from Striving to Thriving and create beautiful relationships with those around you!

Coaching for Business

Coaching for leaders, Mental Health Training and support for your teams 

Dare to Dream

12 week Online Program to find your purpose and bring it to life

Hire me to Speak

Looking for a Keynote Speaker for your event or conference?

What Is Coaching and Who Is It For?

Coaching is a means of connecting with your inner resources in order that you can thrive in all areas of your life! It is for anyone who is prepared to discover something new about themselves in order that they can have a different and better experience of life and connect with themselves and others more deeply

Do decisions feel tough and unmanageable?
You are a natural decision maker.  You have been making decisions your whole life but somehow, you have forgot that.  Regain Clarity and discover where great decision making really comes from
Are relationships complicated and feel tiring?
You are a natural connector and the only thing getting in the way of beautiful relationships and an effortless life is that you don’t see that right now. You can experience more ease, less worry and more zest for life
Do you have a busy Mind?
A busy Mind is the by product of misunderstanding and the result of ‘future’ or ‘past’ thinking.  Presence is a muscle that you can exercise more natural as thought drops away and creates a lighter experience
Rich people have money problems too!
Finances can feel like the one area of your life that you are unable to control.  Realising for yourself that Finances cannot be controlled from a feeling state is liberating and allows you to experience the abundance that you already are, no matter how much or little money you may have

About Me

You have made it this far, so, let me share my heart with you!

I am a book lover,
a people hugger and an energy giver.

I am an extroverted introvert and a day dreaming

big thinking
animal loving
life liver!!

What Others Have to Say

I’ve been working with Nicky on her Visibility Toolkit and then the Client Creator Programme over the last few weeks, as I have been approaching the launch of my programme ‘Permission to be YOU!’

Working with Nicky has been a thoroughly inspiring and affirming process. She has been an unfailing source of support and encouragement throughout the time I have known her, but working closely together in this way has been even more transformational.

Our sessions have been a combination of practical guidance and advice and inspirational coaching, supporting me to keep taking action on my project even when my inclination was to be discouraged or to get distracted by something else! She has given me an entirely new perspective on creating clients and really serving the people who are around me. There have been numerous times when her well-timed question or comment has kept me focused in a direction I would previously not have pursued.

And throughout all of this, she has always shown me that the inspiration and creativity of what I am doing is coming from myself – and that I have the infinite potential to continue to create and to develop new ideas, my business and myself.

I can honestly say that I am in a very different place from when I began our work together, and I can whole-heartedly recommend working with Nicky if you would like to take your coaching practice to the next level.

Lizzie Paish

Transofrmation Coach, Lizzie Paish - Change From Within

I thought I would write-up my experiences so far from the ‘Visibility Toolkit’. Please feel free to ask any further questions if there is anything else you would like to know.   I say my experiences so far as I know that I will continue to learn from this as I move forward.

I was stuck before I started this course. I felt uncomfortable about being visible and worried about what people would think of me and whether I was saying the ‘right’ thing or not. I knew I needed to take action but hadn’t got going. Then you offered the toolkit and I knew I had to join it. It has given me practical tips and ‘how to’ do things and this was so useful. But it gave me so much more… I have never taken so much action and have enjoyed every step of the way.

I have:

  • Really embraced Instagram (not so much on the other social media platforms so far but I know they will come when I am ready) I have gone from 7 to over 2000 followers in 5 weeks! Not only am I getting followers but people are also commenting against my posts so I am engaging with them.
  • Previously, I was beginning to develop online courses but would not have had anyone to deliver them to. Now I am growing an audience (as well as my confidence)
  • I loved producing videos and they have helped me increase take-up on my Parent Workshop locally. Each time I have sent the videos out then sign-up has increased so I am almost full and there is still over 2 weeks still to go.
  • I am taking up offers to become more visible and also approaching others to collaborate on work that I would not have done before.
  • Also, I took part in another challenge and created 2 mini eBooks and have sold 7 so far online, some through the Instagram link as taught by you. Previously, I would have engaged in the challenge to find out ideas but not taken action and put it off for some later date until I felt ‘ready’ (i.e. probably never!).

I know that I have done the work on this but the Visibility Toolkit and working with you has certainly been the catalyst for me and for that I am extremely grateful.

I found the format was clear and the bonus section really helpful. I appreciated the weekly calls for input and value being able to jump on future calls as the programme rolls out again. I have found the whole experience highly impactful and love the care and consideration you give to those you work with.

Karen Sieben

Coach, Aurora Coaching

I began my journey of coaching with Nicky in October 2014.  I had just started my own Business and was also making a huge life decision of moving to Tenerife, all at the same time.  As you can imagine, i needed some kind of structure and some guidance on how to stay focused.  I had to sort out renting my house, my finances, and ensuring everything was in order for my move and i was a single mum to my 9 year old son.  We met or spoke weekly until the end of November when i finally moved abroad. Every week i was encouraged to form my own plan of action, and prioritise what i was working on.  I was encouraged to set my sights high including my earning potential, work on my positives and strengths to enable me to grow my business, to step out of my comfort zone and reassess at times the root of my negative thinking and self sabotage.   The coaching sessions with Nicky helped me immensely with the changes i was experiencing at the end of last year and gave me a lot of clarity.  I have now been up and running in my new life for 5 months, i have started to build a global business.  I spoke recently with Nicky, we were discussing how I had achieved all my short term dreams which I initially made at the beginning of our coaching sessions, some of which involved my business and some were what i wanted to improve regarding my personal and family life.  I had not actually realised i had achieved them all until our conversation and i was amazed, and felt so accomplished.  I found love, a new life in a new country and new business.  Life is good!
Melissa Taylor

CEO, Melissa Taylor


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