How you can work with me

Coaching for Business Leaders

Three, Six or Twelve month Packages are available, subject to a conversation to allow us both the opportunity to explore what working together would look like.  In general, sessions would take place by video link or telephone, however, in person could also be arranged and would need to be agreed upon by you and I.

Kill that compromise, find your clarity and step into your power with ease.

There are no rules as to why a business leader would choose coaching with myself, in fact, it’s often the surprising, unplanned topics that crop up, which lead to the biggest impact and insight in my clients.  Taking clients on a journey of discovery, digging deep and poking holes in what currently looks true and solid, allows for new experiences to emerge.

There are many reasons that people come up with as to whether are struggling and seeing clearly for ourselves is not easy.  Being cash rich and time poor, struggling to make sales, problem solving, stress, poor leadership, lack of motivation, can all be attributed to something and yet, I have yet to have a client who has one particular cause in mind.  Rather, you may be seeing several causes or a chain of events that looks like the culprit to a given problem or situation.

Untangling problems looks like a good idea doesn’t it? Have you ever sat down to untangle a tiny silver chain that somehow got knotted up? It looks do-able, it looks like if we just play with it a little, we can loosen the links away from each other and create enough of a loop to untangle it.  All of a sudden, we see that our fingers aren’t fit for purpose and that maybe, just maybe, a jeweller would be able to untangle it.

Hiring a coach makes sense when you realise that it’s almost impossible to guess whats actually going on, where the loops are going and which link needs moving to allow the others to unfurl.

If you want to:

Stop feeling dissatisfied and bored with where you are now and transform your life

Stop worrying what others think and fearing their reactions, lead from your heart, making good decisions and impacting your colleagues, employees and clients

Have more confidence and be sure of who you are and your purpose

Break the cycle of unhealthy relationships, self blame and feelings of guilt

Get clear on your goals and start put them into action

Determine what success looks like for you and achieve it, ditching the feelings of dissatisfaction

Take your life off hold and experience what it’s like to enjoy the moment

Discover who you really are, the spiritual energy that drives the universe and all that is in it



What Clients Are Saying

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to say thank you. I have known Nicky for over 3 years. During this time Nicky has been a model, indeed an inspiration, in offering her service to my business and in our local Staffordshire business group. She justly deserves recognition for all her hard work and time spent helping me and the other business owners in our group. What is impressive about Nicky is her leadership qualities, to help us to create and innovative in our businesses. The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me and the group has been a great help and support throughout our projects in the group and in my business. I believe my success is at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship. I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in me and the group. You have been an excellent friend teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me and the rest. You have inspired me to pursue my goals. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements Sincerely Des Green CEO Impact Marketing Resolutions

Des Green

CEO, Impact Marketing Resolutions

I’ve been on Nicky’s course for a few weeks it has certainly helped me set and achieve goals far quicker than if I’d been doing it alone. I’ve loved working with Nicky on mindset and clarity and my confidence has grown since starting the course. I can’t recommend Nicky’s course highly enough!

Bridget Blakeman

CEO, Health and Wellness by Bridget

I’ve been working with Nicky for a few months and I’ve found it to be extremely beneficial to me personally and to my business. Nicky has helped me to gain clarity regarding the future of my businesses and I’ve regained the focus and direction that I was lacking. My whole outlook on life has changed, Nicky has supported my development through working on my mindset. I now have a clear vision for my future, my confidence has greatly improved and I’m much better equipped to deal with any challenges that I encounter. I can’t thank Nicky enough for her continued support, guidance and endless encouragement. If you have the opportunity to work with Nicky, grab it with both hands, I can assure you, you’ll benefit immensely!

Kerry Corcoran

CEO, KLC Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching